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Sectional Garage Door Services in Southern Mississippi

If installed correctly, a sectional garage door can save you plenty of time and money. And when you choose the right team for the installation work, you’ll be able to rest easy for a long time knowing that your new door will operate smoothly for years to come.

When it comes to sectional garage door services in Southern Mississippi, no company’s more skilled or dedicated than Verge Entrance Solutions! If your door needs repair, replacement, or routine maintenance, we’re the crew to call. We take our dedication to quality, customer service, and affordability seriously and only hire the best door experts in the industry. Find out more below about how we can improve your property’s security, home comfort, and bottom line!

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Non-Insulated Sectional Steel Garage Door Services

There’s nothing tougher and more durable than steel, so as you may have already guessed, steel garage doors can significantly boost your property’s security. New sectional garage door installation will also upgrade the look of your home or business, which is essential for anyone trying to sell their home or attract customers.

If you don’t need to worry about temperature control at your home or business, a non-insulated sectional steel door can be an affordable and effective choice. However, in many cases, insulated doors are superior to non-insulated ones. Here’s a bit more information:

An insulated sectional steel door has all the qualities of a standard steel garage door, but it’s also specifically constructed with additional insulating layers to keep your space climate-controlled. Wonder if you might benefit from insulated sectional steel garage door services? Below are just a handful of the many types of businesses that can benefit from insulated doors:


  • Warehouses and factories full of equipment, merchandise, and staff
  • Businesses storing or selling temperature-sensitive goods, such as electronics, chemicals, and food products
  • Food service facilities like restaurants and cafeterias
  • Customer-facing businesses, such as retail stores
  • Transportation and logistics locations like mail handling facilities and shipping hubs
  • Automotive facilities, such as body shops, parts stores, dealerships, and showrooms
  • Storage facilities available for consumer or wholesale rental or retail

Did you know that sectional garage door installation can significantly improve your business? It’s a relatively simple and affordable upgrade that has a wide variety of advantages. Here are a few reasons why so many customers are happy with their new sectional steel door installation:


  • Sectional doors are adaptable to many size door openings and use cases.
  • Sectional doors are hardy. Many models can handle thousands of cycles with minimal wear and tear.
  • Sectional doors are low-maintenance. Besides occasionally lubricating the door and scheduling an annual maintenance appointment, there isn’t much you need to do to take care of the door.
  • Sectional doors are state-of-the-art. We carry a variety of sleek, brand-new sectional door models for you to choose from, including features such as proximity sensors, Wi-Fi operation, and more.

If you’ve ever seen your home’s garage door collapse into sections (on purpose!), you have a type of sectional door. Sectional doors are mounted on the appropriate wall, with a horizontal track suspended from the ceiling or other support structure.

If you have a smaller space, sectional garage doors can be crucial to making the most of every inch. These doors “float” up and out of the way rather than swinging and taking up extra room. You’ll be able to fit more merchandise or even additional vehicles into the space.

What Else Does Our Crew Do?

When you think “doors,” think Verge Entrance Solutions! In addition to our full suite of sectional steel door services, we also provide the following services for business and property owners in Southern Mississippi:

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