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Commercial Garage Door Repair Services in Southern Mississippi

Your commercial garage doors endure a lot of daily use — and abuse. Without proper care and maintenance, they can quickly end up in disrepair, costing your business some serious time and money.

When you require commercial garage door repair services, Verge Entrance Solutions is the team to trust. We work with all types of businesses and property owners, and there’s no job we won’t try to tackle with enthusiasm and energy. Find out more about our business below!

Mississippi’s Trusted & Local Commercial Overhead Door Company

Hundreds of business and property owners throughout Mississippi trust our team for their commercial and industrial garage door repair needs. Here are some of the areas where our commercial overhead door company operates in MS:

Commercial Garage Door Panel Repair & Replacement

Your door’s panels keep people, property, and personnel protected. We specialize in panel repair and replacement for commercial garage doors of all shapes and sizes.

Smoothly operating cables keep your garage door on track — literally. Don’t mess around with damaged cables. Book commercial garage door repair services as soon as possible.

Just one broken garage door roller for commercial doors can send your whole day spiraling into chaos. If your rollers are rebelling, make a service appointment, and we’ll get them back into shape.

We provide prompt and affordable broken garage door seal repair for commercial doors of all shapes and sizes. If your current seal is missing, torn, or worn out, call our pros for commercial garage door seal repair so your door and space stay protected from bad weather, bugs, burglars, and other common problems that business owners face.

You might not assume you need commercial garage door repair services just for some missing weather stripping. However, weather stripping has a huge impact on your building’s climate control and comfort levels. After we install additional weather stripping or replace what’s missing, you’ll suddenly realize exactly how much cash you’ve been throwing out the window!

Not every company offering commercial garage door repair services also provides industrial garage door repair, but we’re proud to do both (and more) throughout MS! If a door at your warehouse, production facility, or other industrial building needs service, you can always count on the Verge Entrance Solutions team, no matter how large or small your project is!

Are you unsure if you need a tune-up? On the fence about calling us for commercial overhead door repair service? Here are a few red flags to keep your eye out for as you operate your commercial garage door:

  • A commercial door that is off-track or crooked can quickly become a major safety issue in any space where people and vehicles travel through the door. Call us for service ASAP if this situation is happening to you.
  • Loose or “droopy” cables. Cable problems impact your entire door, so don’t wait to schedule commercial garage door cable repair or replacement if you spot loose or droopy cables.
  • Unusual sounds. Beware of squeaking, banging, and squealing sounds when opening or closing the door. Loud noises can be an early indication of spring issues or roller problems. They can also be a sign that you need commercial door lubrication.
  • Roller issues. Broken garage door rollers for commercial doors can seriously affect the door’s alignment, especially if the door is used frequently or is especially large or heavy.
  • Missing or damaged seals or weatherstripping. If you pay for heating or cooling in a large space, you might be wasting hundreds of dollars if you’re missing commercial garage door weather stripping. It can also affect your bottom line if you don’t book broken garage door seal repair for commercial doors. Whether it’s your seal or weather stripping, your door’s insulation matters, so take action to ensure your space is protected.
  • Visible dents, cracks, or holes in panels. Prompt commercial garage door panel repair is essential if your door is visibly damaged, especially if you store valuable machinery, merchandise, or tools in your space.

Our Other Services for Mississippi Business Owners

Providing commercial garage door repair services to Mississippi businesses and property owners is just the tip of the iceberg here at Verge. We’re also specialists in:


Book Commercial Overhead Door Repair Services Today & Get Back to Business!

Whether you’re located in Forrest County, Harrison County, Rankin County, Pike County, or Jones County, MS, we know you’ve put blood, sweat, and tears into your business. Keep things moving again by calling us for commercial garage door repair services, and you’ll be back to work before you know it. Book service online today or make an appointment by phone. We’re looking forward to beginning (or continuing) a great business relationship!