Whether you’re on the way out the door in the morning or coming home from a long day at the office, pulling into your garage should be a smooth and easy experience. Your remote garage door opener should activate and smoothly open your door quickly, making your evening as comfortable as possible. However, if you find this experience isn’t as smooth or fluid as it once was, it could be time to look at your garage door system as a whole. 

If you find there aren’t any outward signs that the door itself is experiencing issues, the underlying cause of your troubles often circles back to the garage door opener. While a quick battery change could potentially fix your worries, it sometimes isn’t quite that easy. Most people may not know when they need a new garage door opener, but the Verge Entrance Solutions team is here to help. Here are some of the signs you should be mindful of:

Your Garage Door Opener Only Works Intermittently 

When your system works as intended, it can take a great deal of anxiety off of your plate. You trust that your opener will work whenever you need it, and you won’t have to worry about interruptions. However, if you’ve noticed that your opener seems to have a mind of its own and only works when it wants to, and you’ve ruled out dying batteries, it could be a problem with the opener itself.

The older your garage door opener gets, the more susceptible it becomes to wearing out and more spotty with its operations. An experienced garage door opener technician that serves Yazoo City, MS, to the MS Gulf Coast, can help identify the underlying causes of your opener’s intermittent functionality. 

Your Door Opens and Then Immediately Reverses

One of the more frustratingly problematic issues with a faulty garage door opener happens when you hit the button, and it looks like everything is going as planned. Then your door immediately goes into reverse. Fortunately, this particular issue is often a simple fix. First, check the safety sensors of your garage door are free from obstructions. If the sensors identify any obstacle, they prevent the door from fully opening. 

Your Opener Is Making Odd Noises

No matter the appliance, you never want to hear unexpected sounds coming from your device — especially your garage door opener. If you hear noises you have never heard before every time you use your opener, it’s time to get it looked at by the pros and potentially replaced. Even if it’s louder than usual when running, it couldn’t hurt to get it checked out to prevent a more serious problem from developing. 

You Have an Older Model

Age always plays a factor in the overall effectiveness of a mechanical device, even garage door openers. If you’ve had your opener for years, it becomes more likely that it will begin to suffer from performance issues. In addition, as time passes, these models experience more frequent interruptions and may require more repairs to function as intended. If you have called a garage door repair company in Jackson, MS, multiple times to fix your same garage door opener, it may be time to consider an upgrade. 

Trust Verge Entrance Solutions With Your Garage Door Opener Needs

If you are dealing with a faulty garage door opener but aren’t sure you need to get a new one, it’s time to get the pros to look at it. Verge Entrance Solutions has extensive experience working with a wide range of opener models and can identify the underlying problems with your systems. We work with our clients to help them find the best solution for their needs and get their system back in balance in no time. 

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